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Architectural – Structural Study

The architectural study is the key to a successfull construction. Every architectural study is focused on the needs and demands of the customer, in alliance with the unique features of each place. Each structural study follows all legal regulations.

Building license

A building license is a necessary part of a new or pre-existing project in construction. It consists of a series of studies, such as architectural and structural studies that comply with the regional building codes. Our company undertakes every procedure required to take out the license protecting the owners’ interests and meets every law on consturction.

Construction and Supervision

MARKAT company undertakes construction projects with responsibility and consistency in both the civil an the private sector. Our goal is to ensure the customer best living standards in his space. Through our experience and proper knowledge, we are able to provide complete solutions to the customers’ demands «turn key solutions». Our cooperation with specialized crews, as well as the constant supervision for the quality and costs of the works, our company encures high standards of quality and safety of each project.


MARKAT company undertakes every renovation project that may either include minor changes to upgrade and modernize your residence or office, or radical changes that will provide the owner a major quality, safety and aesthetic upgrade. We also suggest applicable to the space or house intervetions that can result to the energy upgrade of the building so as to decrease its energy costs.

Energy Retrofit

Energy retrofit of a building includes a series of activities that aim the reduction of the operating costs of a building for both heating and cooling. Some of the suggested energy retrofits our company provides are: external solid wall insulation, roof insulation, doors and windows frames replacements, upgrading of heating – air conditioning and hot water systems in the building.

Energy Performance Certificate

MARKAT company undertakes the issue of energy performance certificate (EPC). This certificate is necessary in every property transaction of rental as it improves the energy class of each property. An energy inspection includes suggections for an energy improvement of the existing property and it is valid for a 10 year period. Besides, the company undertakes the preparation of the required documents for the accession to the home energy upgrade program «Εξοικονόμηση Κατ’ Οίκον».

Legalization of illegal construction

MARKAT company undertakes the legalization of every no licenced construction or illegal changes in uses in accordance with the Law 4178/2013. This Hellenic Law gives the owners with no licenced premises the opportunity to regularise the parts of their property that are illegal. Regardless the regularization for any property transaction performed, the owner should take out a «statement of an engineer» mandatory which declares that the property has no illegal constructions.

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